International or regional conventions

Guinea-Bissau is a member/signatory to the following international and regional Conventions related to cetacean conservation:

Confirmed observations

“The occurrence of the Atlantic humpback dolphin off Guinea-Bissau was recently reviewed by Leeney et al. (2015). The species is widely distributed from the Canal de Jeta and the Canal de Pecixe in the north, to the Rio Cacine in the south. Records are most numerous along the north coast of the outer Rio Gêba, around the island of Arelas (located south of the Rio Gêba mouth), around the western tip of Bolama and in the Rio Grande de Buba (Figure 3D). It also occurs in the Arquipélago dos Bijagós, especially around the eastern islands of Roxa, Bubaque, Galhinas and Maio. It has been recorded 30 km upstream from the Rio Grande de Buba mouth, and 20 km upstream from the Rio Cacine mouth.”

Threats and trends

No abundance estimates or detailed information on threats are available for this country.


Report a sighting or stranding by emailing info@sousateuszii.org or contacting one of the country focal points below.

Contact person

Aissa Regalla


Relevant country-specific references

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