Get involved

Report a sighting

Sighting, stranding or bycatch records of Atlantic humpback dolphins are invaluable, and help us to understand where the species is distributed and the threats it is facing. Please make contact if you have seen an animal that might be an Atlantic humpback dolphin, and we can help you with species identification and share the record with our local partners. Please include as much information as possible about your sighting, especially any photographs or video footage that you might have taken. Send us an email to info@sousateuszii.org .

Atlantic humpback dolphins in southern Angola.


The CCAHD and associated partners are seeking funding to develop and implement measures to conserve Atlantic humpback dolphin populations based on the priority activities that will be identified by a series of expert Working Groups. Planned work will include field-based research, laboratory work, and outreach and capacity building, and cover a wide range of potential budgets and timeframes. Please email info@sousateuszii.org if you would like more information on our planned work.

Help develop materials

Our awareness, education and capacity-building work will require the design and production of a variety of digital media and artwork outputs focused on Atlantic humpback dolphins, and we welcome contact from writers, educators and graphic designers.

Become a national collaborator

The CCAHD is seeking biologists, managers and other interested parties who are based in countries within the Atlantic humpback dolphin distribution range, and may be willing to act as national contact points and collaborators in research, awareness-raising, and capacity-building work.

Scientific input and advice

We welcome scientists who have not yet signed up to the CCAHD Working Groups but would like to contribute to those efforts and future work on humpback dolphins.