Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

International or regional conventions

Sierra Leone is NOT yet a member/signatory to the International Whaling Commission or the Convention on Migratory species. However, it is a party to the The Abidjan convention.

Confirmed observations

There are no known records of Sousa teuszii from Sierra Leone. It is not known whether this reflects a true gap in the species’ distribution between the Republic of Guinea and Togo, or whether the species is present but has not been reported due to lack of dedicated cetacean survey effort. There is a possible but unconfirmed record of the species in an interview survey of bycatch reported by Moore et al. 2010.

Threats and trends

No abundance estimates or detailed information on threats are available for this country.


Report a sighting or stranding by emailing info@sousateuszii.org

Contact person

We are still searching for local partners in this country. Please contact us if you are based in Sierra Leone and can help!

Relevant country-specific references

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