International or regional conventions

Mauritania is a member/signatory to the following international and regional Conventions related to cetacean conservation:

Confirmed observations

“In northern Mauritania near Nouadhibou, there are four sightings from Baie de l’Etoile and three from the Banc de la Corbine in the Baie du Lévrier. However, the majority of Mauritanian records are from the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin (PNBA), a World Heritage site located between Nouadhibou and Nouamghar. In the northern part of the PNBA, sightings are clustered in Baie d’Arguin both along the mainland coast and around the islands. There are sporadic records southwards along the coast, including off Cap El Zass, Baie de Tanoudert, Ten Alloul and Îles Kiaones.  However, most records originate from a relatively small area of the PNBA comprising the waters between Iwik and Baie Aouatif on the mainland and the islands of Arel, Niroumi and Nair to the north of Îles Tidra. The PNBA base is located at Iwik, which may contribute to explaining the greater number of records in this region. In the southern part of the PNBA, there are scattered records from around Îles Tidra, Kiji and Cheddid and on the mainland at Teichott, R’Gueiba and along the Cap Timiris peninsula to the Grande Plage south of Nouamghar. There are only two records reported along the approximately 380 km stretch of Mauritanian coast south of the PNBA: a sighting and a stranding south of Nouakchott.”

Threats and trends

No abundance estimates or detailed information on threats are available for S. teuszii in Mauritania.


Report a sighting or stranding by contacting one of the foal points below or emailing info@sousateuszii.org

Contact person

Abdellahi Samba Bilal

  • abdellahis@yahoo.fr
  • (+222) 2262 10 36
  • Institut Mauritanien de Recherches Océanographiques et des Pêches (IMROP)
  • Laboratoire d’Ecologie et Biologie des Organisme Aquatique (LEBOA)

Moulaye Mohamed Wagne

Cheibani  Senhoury

  • ame_mr@yahoo.fr
  • Parc National du Banc d’Arguin (PNBA) http://www.pnba.mr/pnba/

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