The small-cetacean fauna of the west coast of Africa and Macaronesia: Diversity and distribution


Perrin, W. F. and Van Waerebeek, K.



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CMS Technical Series

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Distribution, West Africa, Diversity, sousa teuszii, Phocoena phocoena, feresa attenuata, Globicephala macrorhynchus, Grampus griseus, Lagenodelphis hosei, Peponocephala electra, Pseudorca crassidens, Stenella attenuata, Stenella clymene, Stenella frontalis, Stenella longiristris, Steno bredanensis, CMS


This review is an attempt to summarize the existing information in the literature on distribution of small cetaceans in the region, by species and by country. A constraint on the time available for preparation has limited the scope of the review; it is not exhaustive, and records not noted here undoubtedly exist, especially for Macaronesia. The summary tables given here can serve as a basis for further review. The tables and list of references consulted are available from the authors as electronic files. The tables are organized with countries and territories arranged roughly from north to south and the small-cetaceans grouped into 1) north-temperate, 2) tropical, 3) south-temperate, 4) antitropical, and 5) cosmopolitan species.