Pilot survey of coastal small cetaceans in the waters of Guinea-Bissau


Fulling, G.L., Foster, J., Fertl, D.C. and Fagin, T.D.






sousa teuszii, atlantic humpback dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, Bottlenose dolphin, Guinea Bissau


This report provides data that is an incremental contribution to the still sparse available data for bottlenose and Atlantic humpback dolphins occurring in Guinea-Bissau. Data reported here are from a single time-frame (e.g., snap-shot). While this report provides information on abundance of these two species in the area, it is important to note that these estimates are preliminary and provide baseline information only. As noted earlier, for the most part (exception being Van Waerebeek et al. 2000), only opportunistically collected data are available for Guinea-Bissau. There were 1344 km of transect effort completed from 18 February – 29 April 2009, with majority of the surveys occurring during April (9/10). There were 50 dolphin groups recorded: 43 bottlenose dolphin, 6 Atlantic humpback dolphin, and one group of unidentified dolphins.