Atlantic humpback dolphins

Find out more about the ecology, distribution, abundance and conservation status of this Critically Endangered species, and the threats that are causing its decline.

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Atlantic humpback dolphins are only found in the nearshore waters of the tropical and subtropical Atlantic coast of Africa.  Sightings, strandings and bycatch records confirm the species’ current or recent presence in 13 countries between Western Sahara in the north and Angola in the south. A lack of records from the remaining six countries within that range could be the result of the very limited research that has taken place in the region to date, or reflect a genuine absence of humpback dolphins.

Click on the outlines of the highlighted countries in the interactive map to reveal the country name and to access country-specific information on: the current distribution and conservation status of Atlantic humpback dolphins, a list of peer-reviewed articles and reports, and information about local researchers and conservation organisations.

If you are in one of these countries and have information on a dolphin sighting or stranding, use this map to find the relevant contact details for the person collecting data in your country, or email us at for help connecting to the relevant research and conservation organisations.

Are you based in one of these countries, and would you like to help collect data or engage in awareness-raising activities?  Visit the Get Involved page, and/or use the map to find out who you can contact in your country to learn more and contribute to ongoing work.

Click on the outlines of the highlighted countries in the interactive map to reveal the country name and then click on that country name to access country-specific information.

Latest News

Read about the latest news and project work being carried out on Atlantic humpback dolphins, from CCAHD members and partner organizations.

14 September 2023

The CMS Draft Single Species Action Plan for Sousa teuszii receives range country input and endorsement

On September 4th-7th, 2023 several CCAHD partners participated in the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Marine Megafauna Week for the Atlantic Coast of Africa, hosted in collaboration with the Regional Partnership for the Conservation of the Coastal and Marine Zone (PRCM) and the Government of Senegal.  The meeting was organised with the primary intention of […]

5 April 2023

Fisheries interview surveys underway in Guinea with an aim to improve conservation of the Atlantic humpback dolphin

In February 2023, a collaborative team led by Biotope Guinea undertook the first full-scale fisheries surveys in five fish landing sites in the prefecture of Forécariah.  The interview surveys are part of a wider collaborative project to improve the knowledge and conservation of the Critically Endangered Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii) in Guinea. This project […]

2 April 2023

Third annual boat survey of the Delta Saloum, Senegal includes more capacity building, habitat mapping and photo-identification

Sousa teuszii surface in front of a fish landing and smoking site in the Delta Saloum, Senegal. Photo copyright Diana Seck, AACF/CCAHD From March 9-29th, 2023, team members conducted the third boat-based survey of the Saloum Delta, building on previous surveys conducted in July 2021 and March-April 2022. The boat surveys are part of a […]