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Progress on Atlantic humpback dolphin conservation and research efforts in Congo and Gabon


Collins, T., Strindberg, S, Mboumba, R., Dilambaka, E., Thonio, J., Mouissou, C., Boukaka, R., Saffou, G.K., Buckland, L., Leeney, R.H., Antunes, R. and Rosenbaum, H.



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Document presented to the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission


SC/65a/SM16 Rev




atlantic humpback dolphin, congo, sousa teuszii, conservation, Shore survey, abundance, line transect


A progress report for several aspects of the project is provided here. This includes: 1. Initial assessment and analyses of beach based survey data for assessment of distribution, occupancy and abundance 2. Initial assessment of acoustic detections recorded by CPODs, with associated information on recent attempts to record humpback and bottlenose dolphins vocalisations 3. A review of bycatches and bycatch risk within CDNP and some consideration of next steps towards mitigation of this risk 4. A review of project status, funding support and future directions