Sousa teuszii


Reeves, R. R., Collins, T., Jefferson, T., Karkzmarski, L., Laidre, KL, O' corry-Crowe, G., Rojas-Bracho, L., Secchi, E., Slooten, E, Smith, B. D., Wang, J.Y. and Zhou, K.



Secondary Title

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species


Version 2012.2




sousa teuszii, atlantic humpback dolphin, red List Criteria, conservation status, range, threats, population estimates


This species is considered Vulnerable C2a(i) because of an inferred or suspected continuing decline, where the total number of mature individuals is considerably fewer than 10,000, and each of the defined subpopulations is estimated to contain fewer than 1,000. In a comprehensive assessment of available information, Van Waerebeek et al. (2004) identified eight possible “management stocks” but acknowledged that not all were likely to prove to be biologically distinct populations (subpopulations). It is inferred from the available information summarized above that the total population (all ages) is only a few thousand, and almost certainly fewer than 10,000. Of those, only about half would be mature (Taylor et al. 2007). Although there have been no quantitative studies of trends, the ongoing threats – particularly bycatch in fisheries, which almost certainly has been increasing in recent decades – support the suspicion of a continuing decline in population size.