Scientific Literature

Scientific Literature

The table below includes details of over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and reports focusing on Atlantic humpback dolphins. Use the options below to search these references by author, year, category or keyword (unfortunately currently only available in English). Use the keyword filter to search for countries of interest by typing in the (English) country name. Most of these journal articles are protected by copyright and cannot be shared directly on this site. However if you click on an article of interest, you will find a link to the publisher’s website where the full article is available. For older journal articles, or for additional help sourcing articles, please email us.

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Author Year Category Keyword
Debrah, J.S., Ofori-Danson, P. K. and Van Waerebeek, K. 2010 An update on the catch composition and other aspects of cetacean exploitation in Ghana Sousa teuszii Ghana Atlantic humpback dolphin distribution Clymene dolphin Stenella clymene Pantropical spotted dolphin stenella attenuata Delphinus delphis common dolphin short-finned pilot whale Globicephala macrorhynchus melon-headed whale Peponocephala electra Risso' s dolphin Grampus griseus Bycatch Artisanal fisheries
Duguy, R. 1976 Contribution à l’étude des mammifères marins de la côte nord-ouest Afrique Distribution Mauritania Senegal Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Stenella longiristris Spinner dolphin orcinus orca Killer whale Monk seal Monachus monachus Harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena
Dupuy, A. R. 1983 Données complémentaires concernant le statut des mammifères marins du Sénégal Senegal sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin stranding distribution West Africa monachus monachus Physeter macrocephalus orcinus orca Phocoena phocoena stenella clymene Steno bredanensis Tursiops truncatus Balaenoptera acutorostrata Balaenoptera edeni megaptera novaeangliae
Dupuy, A. R. and Maigret, J. 1976 Les mammiferes marins des cotes du Senegal. 1. Bilan des observations signalees entre 1960 et 1976 distribution Senegal West Africa Stranding Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Stenella attenuata Stenella longiristris Tursiops truncatus monachus monachus Globicephala macrorhynchus orcinus orca Peponocephala electra Steno bredanensis
Dupuy, A. R. and Maigret, J. 1979 Les mammifères marins des côtes du Sénégal. 3. Observations signalées en 1978 Senegal Distribution stranding Globicephala macrorhynchus tursiops truncatus Stenella longiristris Orcinus orca Delphinus delphis Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Stenella clymene Physteter macrocephalus sperm whale West Africa
Dupuy, A.R. and Maigret, J. 1982 Les mammifères marins des côtes du Sénégal. 5. Observations signalées en 1980-1981 Senegal Sousa teuszii cetacean pinniped
Elwen, S., Findlay, K., Kiszka, J and Weir, C. 2011 Cetacean research in the southern African subregion: a review of previous studies and current knowledge South Africa Cetacean diversity distribution Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin review
Fraser, F.C. 1949 A specimen of Sotalia teuszii Kukenthal from the coast of Senegal Senegal Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin morphology Taxonomy
Fraser, F. C. 1973 Record of a dolphin (Sousa teuszii) from the coast of Mauritania Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Mauritania Taxonomy morphology
Frère, C.H., Hale, P.T., Porter, L., Cockcroft, V.G. and Dalebout, M. 2008 Phylogenetic analysis of mtDNA sequences suggests revision of humpback dolphin (Sousa spp.) taxonomy is needed Phylogenetic dolphin taxonomy humpback dolphins dolphins distribution Atlantic mitochondrial DNA DNA control region populations population South Africa China Australia Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin
Fulling, G.L., Foster, J., Fertl, D.C. and Fagin, T.D. 2008 Pilot survey of coastal small cetaceans in the waters of Guinea-Bissau sousa teuszii atlantic humpback dolphin Tursiops truncatus Bottlenose dolphin Guinea Bissau
Hazevoet, C.J. 1999 Whales and dolphins (Mammalia, Cetacea) in the collections of the Museu Bocage, past and present Museum Specimens Cetaceans Balaenoptera acutorostrata Ziphius cavirostris Sousa teuszii Delphinus delphis Tursiops truncatus Peponocephala electra Grampus griseus Stenella coeruleoalba Phocoena phocoena
IWC 2003 Report of the 54th meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission – Annex K Small Cetacean Subcommittee IWC Sousa Taxonomy Sousa chinensis Sousa plumbea Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin IndoPacific humpback dolphin distribution genetics
IWC 2011 Report of the 62nd meeting of the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission – Annex L Small Cetacean Subcommittee IWC Sousa Taxonomy Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin IndoPacific humpback dolphin distribution genetics Bycatch threat assessment
Jefferson, T.A. 2002 A preliminary analysis of geographic variation in skull morphology of humpback dolphins (genus Sousa) humpback dolphins Indian Ocean morphometrics skull taxonomy whaling Sousa chinensis sousa plumbea Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin
Jefferson, T. A. 2019 Endangered odontocetes and the social connection: selected examples of species at risk conservation status Sousa teuszii Bycatch threats vaquita Phocoena sinus Atlantic humpback dolphin Extinction management population trends
Jefferson, Thomas A. and Curry, Barbara E. 2015 Humpback dolphins: a brief introduction to the genus Sousa Sousa chinensis Sousa chinensis taiwanensis Sousa plumbea Sousa sahulensis Sousa teuszii General biology Conservation Status
Jefferson, T. A., Curry, B. E., Leatherwood, S. and Powell, J. A. 1997 Dolphins and porpoises of West Africa: a review of records (Cetacea: Delphinidae, Phocoenidae) West Africa marine mammal cetaceans Sousa teuszii distribution Diversity Phocoena phocoena Killer whale orcinus orca globicephala melas Globicephala macrorhynchus Pseudorca crassidens false killer whale Feresa attenuata Peponocephala electra Grampus griseus Risso' s dolphin bottlenose dolphin tursiops truncatus Stenella attenuata Stenella frontalis Stenella attenuata Stenella clymene Delphinus delphis
Jefferson, Thomas A. and Rosenbaum, Howard C. 2014 Taxonomic revision of the humpback dolphins (Sousa spp.), and description of a new species from Australia taxonomy systematics phylogenetics Sousa chinensis Sousa teuszii Sousa plumbea new species type description
Jefferson, T.A. and Smith, B.D. 2015 Re-assessment of the conservation status of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis) using the IUCN Red List criteria.  
Jefferson, T.A. and Van Waerebeek, K. 2004 Geographic variations in skull morphology of humpback dolphins (Sousa spp.) Atlantic dolphin dolphins genetics geographic variation humpback dolphins Indian Ocean morphometrics skull skull morphology skulls sousa taxonomy
Kükenthal, , W. 1892 Sotalia teuszii n. sp. ein pflanzenfressender (?) Delphin aus Kamerun sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin morphology Type description
Kükenthal, W. 1891 Porpoises in African rivers S TEU DIST CAMEROON WAFR
Leeney, R. H., Dia, I. M. and Dia, M. 2015 Food, pharmacy, friend? Bycatch, direct take and consumption of dolphins in West Africa Bycatch Bushmeat The Gambia Senegal Guinea Bissau fisheries traditional knowledge Interview surveys cultural value Perceptions
Leeney, Ruth H., Weir, Caroline R., Campredon, Pierre, Regalla, Aissa and Foster, Jeff 2016 Occurrence of Atlantic humpback (Sousa teuszii) and bottlenose (Tursiops truncatus) dolphins in the coastal waters of Guinea-Bissau, with an updated cetacean species checklist Guinea Bissau West Africa Sousa spp. sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin distribution tursiops truncatus bottlenose

Downloadable Resources

This section is intended to offer practical tools and resources for a wide range of stakeholders involved in conservation of the Atlantic Humpback dolphin. Content includes regional marine mammal identification guides, species fact sheets, stranding response protocols, colouring sheets, and downloadable reports, including the CMS Concerted Action for Atlantic Humpback dolphins.

You can filter content by category (for managers, data collectors, or schools and communities), or browse the whole collection below. This is a dynamic resource so if you have content that you would like to contribute, please email us.


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CCAHD 2023 Annual Report

CCAHD Foundation 2022 Annual report

Introductory video on Atlantic humpback dolphins by Emma Longden

CCAHD 2021 Annual Report

Sousa teuszii Infographic

CCAHD Photo-ID protocol

CCAHD boat-based survey field protocols

CCAHD dead dolphin data collection guide

CCAHD dead dolphin data collection form

A4 ID Guide Marine Mammals of the Atlantic Coast of Africa

Short- and medium-term priority actions to conserve the Atlantic humpback dolphin: Sousa teuszii

Best Practices for Assessing and Managing Marine Mammal Bycatch

Global Stranding Network

Sousa teuszii A4 species Fact sheet

Tursiops truncatus A4 species factsheet

CMS Concerted Action for the Atlantic humpback dolphin_English

Colouring page

Colouring page

Colouring page

IUCN Red List Assessment for Sousa teuszii

AMMCO Marine and Coastal Environmental Education Manual

Whale and dolphin basics: A4 fact sheets from the International Whaling Commission

IUCN Integrated Conservation Planning for Cetaceans – full report in English

Global Marine Stranding Toolkit Website

IUCN Guidelines for Species Conservation Planning

CMS Action Plan for the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia

Stranding Training for Gabon ANPN Ecoguards English

Guidelines for the safe and humane handling and release of bycaught small cetaceans from fishing gear

CMS 2012 Conserving cetaceans and manatees in the western African region

Van Waerebeek et al 2003 Conservation of cetaceans in the Gambia and Senegal

Van Waerebeek et al 2000 Conservation status of cetaceans in Senegal and the Gambia_WAFCET1 Report

Field guide to the Cetaceans of West Africa

CCAHD fisheries interview survey manual