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The table below includes details of over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and reports focusing on Atlantic humpback dolphins. Use the options below to search these references by author, year, category or keyword (unfortunately currently only available in English). Use the keyword filter to search for countries of interest by typing in the (English) country name. Most of these journal articles are protected by copyright and cannot be shared directly on this site. However if you click on an article of interest, you will find a link to the publisher’s website where the full article is available. For older journal articles, or for additional help sourcing articles, please email us.

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Li, Songhai 2020 Humpback dolphins at risk of extinction Sousa spp. humpback dolphin Sousa plumbea sousa chinensis sousa teuszii Sousa sahulensis endangered extinction risk review conservation status anthropogenic Threat assessment
Maigret, J. 1977 Les mammiferes du Senegal. II. Les mammiferes marins Senegal Marine mammal Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin distribution diversity
Maigret, J. 1980 Donnees nouvelles sur l’ ecologie du Sousa teuszii (Cetacea, Delphinidae) de la cote ouest africaine West Africa Senegal Mauritania Sousa teuszii distribution Atlantic humpback dolphin population
Maigret, J. 1981 Les mammiferes marins des cotes de Mauritanie. 2. Rapport annuel des observations signalees en 1981 Mauritania marine mammal diversity distribution Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Stenella Delphinus
Maigret, J. 1986 Les cétacés sur les cotes ouest-africaines: encore quelques énigmes! West Africa distribution Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin
Maigret, J. 1994 Marine mammals and the fisheries along the West African coast West Africa fisheries Bycatch delphinus delphis Phocoena phocoena tursiops truncatus monachus monachus stenella sousa teuszii Gill net
Maigret, J., Trotignon, J. and Duguy, R. 1976 Observations de cetace sur les cotes de Mauritanie (1971-1975) Mauritania sousa teuszii steno bredanensis delphinus delphis Tursiops truncatus globicephala melas orcinus orca Phocoena phocoena Balaenoptera physalus Stenella longiristris
McGowen, MR, Murphy, KR, Ndong, I, Potter, CW and Keith-Diagne, LW 2020 The complete mitochondrial genome of the critically endangered Atlantic humpback dolphin, Sousa teuszii (Kükenthal, 1892) Mt DNA mitochondrial DNA Genome sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Genetics Taxonomy Senegal
Mendez, Martin, Jefferson, Thomas J., Kolokotronis, Sergios-Orestis, Krützen, Michael, Parra, Guido J., Collins, Tim, Minton, Gianna, Baldwin, Robert, Berggren, Per, Särnblad, Anna, Amir, Omar A., Peddemors, Vic M., Karczmarski, Leszek, Guissamulo, Almeida, Smith, Brian, Sutaria, Dipani, Amato, George and Rosenbaum, Howard C. 2013 Integrating multiple lines of evidence to better understand the evolutionary divergence of humpback dolphins along their entire distribution range: a new dolphin species in Australian waters? conservation genetics mammals molecular evolution speciation humpback dolphins cetaceans Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Sousa plumbea Sousa chinensis morphology mitochondrial DNA mt DNA
Minton, G. 2015 Report on Gamba Area collaborative marine surveys July 2015 Sousa teuszii humpback dolphin Humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae tursiops bottlenose dolphin photo identification distribution relative abundance platforms of opportunity Hydrocarbons Gabon Gulf of Guinea Mitigation fishing gear
Minton, G., Kema Kema, J. R., Todd, A., Korte, L., Maganga, P. B., Migoungui Mouelet, J. R., Nguema, A. M., Moussavou, E. and Nguélé, G. K. 2017 Multi-stakeholder collaboration yields valuable data for cetacean conservation in Gamba, Gabon Gabon Humpback whale Humpback dolphin Megaptera novaeangliae sousa teuszii line transect relative abundance cetacean diversity Threat assessment fisheries
Mitchell, Edward 1975 Porpoise, dolphin and small whale fisheries of the world: status and problems Directed take fisheries
Moore, Jeffrey E 2015 Intrinsic growth (rmax) and generation time (T) estimates for the cetacean genera Sousa, Orcaella, and Neophocaena, in suport of IUCN red list assessments IUCN Red List orcaella brevirostris Orcaella heinsohni Neophocaena asiaorientalis Sousa chinensis Sousa plumbea Sousa teuszii population growth rate generation time conservation status red List Criteria
Murphy, C. T., Van Waerebeek, K. and Jallow, A. O. 1997 Cetaceans in Gambian coastal waters sousa teuszii distribution The Gambia Atlantic humpback dolphin Tursiops truncatus Bottlenose dolphin Stenella clymene
Nieri, M., Lamarche, B. and Sakho, A. C. 1996 Note complete sur les echouages de dauphins survenus en Decembre 1995 Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin Mauritania Tursiops truncatus bottlenose dolphin Interview surveys Delphinus delphis Common dolphin
Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., Politi, E. and Bayed, A. 1998 A winter cetacean survey off southern Morocco, with a special emphasis on right whales Morocco Tursiops truncatus bottlenose dolphin Sousa teuszii Dakhla Bay Eubalaena glacialis Right whales Western Sahara Atlantic humpback dolphin distribution West Africa
Ofori-Danson, P.K., Van Waerebeek, K. and Debrah, S. 2003 A survey for the conservation of dolphins in Ghanaian coastal waters stenella attenuata stenella clymene Tursiops truncatus Grampus griseus fisheries bycatch gillnet threats Ghana Sousa teuszii
Parra, G. and Jefferson, T. 2018 Humpback dolphins: Sousa teuszii, S. plumbea, S. chinensis; and S. sahulensis Sousa spp. sousa chinensis sousa plumbea Sousa teuszii distribution ecology conservation status morphology life history
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Perrin, W. F. and Van Waerebeek, K. 2012 The small-cetacean fauna of the west coast of Africa and Macaronesia: Diversity and distribution Distribution West Africa Diversity sousa teuszii Phocoena phocoena feresa attenuata Globicephala macrorhynchus Grampus griseus Lagenodelphis hosei Peponocephala electra Pseudorca crassidens Stenella attenuata Stenella clymene Stenella frontalis Stenella longiristris Steno bredanensis CMS
Pilleri, G. and Gihr, M. 1980 Checklist of the cetacean genera Platanista, Inia, Lipotes, Pontoporia, Sousa and Neophocaena Taxonomy Sousa teuszii Atlantic humpback dolphin sousa chinensis Sousa plumbea Platanista Inia Pontoporia Neophocaena asiaorientalis
Pinela, A.M., Borrell, A., Cardona, L. and Aguilar, A. 2010 Stable isotope analysis reveals habitat partitioning among marine mammals off the NW African coast and unique trophic niches for two globally threatened species prey habitat partitioning resource partitioning stable isotopes trophic levels Physeter macrocephalus Balaenoptera acutorostrata Stenella coeruleoalba Africa Orcinus orca
Reeves, R. R., Collins, T., Jefferson, T., Karkzmarski, L., Laidre, KL, O' corry-Crowe, G., Rojas-Bracho, L., Secchi, E., Slooten, E, Smith, B. D., Wang, J.Y. and Zhou, K. 2012 Sousa teuszii sousa teuszii atlantic humpback dolphin red List Criteria conservation status range threats population estimates
Reeves, R.R., Smith, B.D., Crespo, E.A. and Notarbartolo di Sciara, G. 2003 Dolphins, whales and porpoises: 2002-2010 conservation action plan for the world’s cetaceans conservation IUCN Red List Conservation status Review management

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This section is intended to offer practical tools and resources for a wide range of stakeholders involved in conservation of the Atlantic Humpback dolphin. Content includes regional marine mammal identification guides, species fact sheets, stranding response protocols, colouring sheets, and downloadable reports, including the CMS Concerted Action for Atlantic Humpback dolphins.

You can filter content by category (for managers, data collectors, or schools and communities), or browse the whole collection below. This is a dynamic resource so if you have content that you would like to contribute, please email us.


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Sousa teuszii Infographic

Short- and medium-term priority actions to conserve the Atlantic humpback dolphin: Sousa teuszii

A4 ID Guide Marine Mammals of the Atlantic Coast of Africa

Sousa teuszii A4 species Fact sheet

Tursiops truncatus A4 species factsheet

CMS Concerted Action for the Atlantic humpback dolphin_English

Colouring page

Colouring page

Colouring page

IUCN Red List Assessment for Sousa teuszii

AMMCO Marine and Coastal Environmental Education Manual

Whale and dolphin basics: A4 fact sheets from the International Whaling Commission

IUCN Integrated Conservation Planning for Cetaceans – full report in English

Global Marine Stranding Toolkit Website

IUCN Guidelines for Species Conservation Planning

CMS Action Plan for the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of Western Africa and Macaronesia

Stranding Training for Gabon ANPN Ecoguards English

Guidelines for the safe and humane handling and release of bycaught small cetaceans from fishing gear

CMS 2012 Conserving cetaceans and manatees in the western African region

Van Waerebeek et al 2003 Conservation of cetaceans in the Gambia and Senegal

Van Waerebeek et al 2000 Conservation status of cetaceans in Senegal and the Gambia_WAFCET1 Report

Field guide to the Cetaceans of West Africa