International or regional conventions

Gabon is a member/signatory to the following international or regional Conventions related to cetacean conservation:

Confirmed observations

Atlantic humpback dolphins have been documented along Gabon’s coastline from the Libreville Area and Port Gentil as far south as Mayumba. Records are concentrated in the southern half of the country where dedicated cetacean research has been conducted from Iguela, Gamba and Mayumba.

A mother and calf sighted nearshore in Gabon. The breeding behaviour of the species is very poorly understood, making sighting such as this very valuable ©Tim Collins, Wildlife Conservation Society.

Threats and trends

No abundance estimates are available for any of the regions where studies have been conducted, but trends in sighting frequency over survey years indicate a possible decline. Dolphin sightings occur in areas known to be used by artisanal gillnet fisheries.


Report a sighting or stranding by emailing info@sousateuszii.org or the first contact listed below.

Contact person

Judicaël Régis KEMA KEMA
Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN)




Tim Collins


Relevant country-specific references

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